TGWP Episode 065: George Vondriska

The first time I remember seeing this weeks guest was in a video search for milling your own lumber on YouTube. This burly bearded guy starts talking about how anyone with a few resources and desire can turn unwanted trees into lumber. Since I was already so excited about milling lumber because of episode 001 guest, Matt Cremona, this video from WWGOA just excited me even more.

George Vondriska, the burly bearded guy in the video is the man I’m talking about. After seeing that video from a group called Woodworkers Guild of America, I was very intrigued. The style of the video and the knowledge I felt I gained was pretty cool. I soon realized through a little digging that WWGOA was more than a few videos on YouTube. I quickly signed up for the email newsletter and also the guild shortly after. I stayed in the guild for a very long time learning many things from the videos and plans available to it’s members. I soon realized that George had his own business where he taught classes. I also soon found out that George was hired by many companies to teach for them and show folks hands on techniques all over the country.

Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed by this weeks episode, number 065 and it’s awesome guest, George Vondriska.

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This weeks mentions are: April Wilkerson, The Wood Whisperer Guild, Matt Cremona, Build Like A Chick, Scott Grove, IWF


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