TGWP Episode 070: Karen- Lavarnway Designs

This weeks guest on episode 070, Karen Lavarnway from Lavarnway Designs, is not only an incredibly talented furniture builder, she’s a mom of two little girls, and a full time firefighter. As I mentioned in the podcast, when I first saw the work Karen was doing, I knew she didn’t just pick up a few tools and start building. As it turns out, she has quite a few years of learning under her father who’s an accomplished woodworker himself.

I really appreciate the effort she puts into each piece she creates and the work ethic she has. This lady stays busy for sure! And she loves it. Her enthusiasm shows just how much she loves what she does whether in the shop or the firehouse. If you don’t believe me check out her stories on Instagram.

I’m excited to see what Karen does in the future and to witness first hand how much her skills improve. She is definitely a force to reckoned with in furniture building and on the content creating front.

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