TGWP Episode 072: Ben Myers- Myers Woodshop

This weeks guest Ben Myers from Myers Woodshop has been a great friend to me. Until this interview I’ve only spoken to him through text and  social media. I was always impressed by Ben’s kindness and skill but it wasn’t until I chatted with him over Skype that I realized how genuine a fella he is.

Ben’s eclectic mix of medium used in his projects is great. He’s not scared to try something new and fail. He knows how much he’ll learn from exploring things outside his comfort zone.

He does all this while being a husband, father, and full time employee. Listen in today on episode 072 as Ben tells us all about it.

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Mentioned on today’s episode: Nick Zammeti, Nick Key, Ed Ford, Keith Johnson, April Wilkerson, Jimmy DiResta, Shawn Stone, Anaa Bailey, Werrell Woodworks

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