TGWP Episode 089: Casey Reeves – CReeves Makes






I’ve been following Casey for a while now. Mainly because his shop furniture builds are really good and detailed. His YouTube videos are super clean and very informative. Not to mention fun to watch!

Casey has recently decided to start offering plans for some of his builds like the miter station and his incredibly awesome worktable. I really look forward to getting my hands on these and maybe building a sweet mobile miter saw station for myself.

Be sure to follow Casey on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube so you don’t miss out on anything he has to offer. It’s really good stuff y’all!

Mentioned in this episode: Ron Paulk, Jay Bates, Sean Walker, Nick Ferry, Matt Cremona, Marc Spagnuolo

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  1. It was great to sit down and chat with you Donny! I was nervous as heck but I had a blast just shootin the breeze with you and talkin shop. Thank you for the opportunity to be on the show and I look forward to talking with you down the road. Take care man.

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