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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “the hardest working man in show business”. Well, I’m here to share “the hardest working woman in North Carolina” with you. Meghan Baker, a full time wife, mom, employee, and woodworker living currently in North Carolina is the epitome of a go-getter. I actually remember sending her a message on Instagram telling here to slow down some. She just shrugged that off and kept on going. You see, Meghan has this idea if she wants something she goes after it. I know that may seem crazy to a few of you out there, but it’s true. There are people out there that still work their tails off to achieve a goal. The old saying that hard work pays off is absolutely true. Do yourself a favor and give Meghan a follow on Instagram and you’ll see for yourself just how awesome she is.

Woodworking is Meghan’s jam these days but on her short list are learning how to weld and working with leather. I’m sure there are many other mediums she will conquer on her path of a growing maker and builder. She’s already built some incredible pieces of furniture for inside the home as well as outside. We talk about that on this episode. We also talk about Meghan’s limited tool collection and how she is able to build the things she does. Make sure to give the episode a listen if you haven’t yet.

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