TGWP Episode 059: Todd Clippinger, American Craftsman Workshop

I remember seeing Todd on YouTube and thinking, who’s this guy with this buzz cut talking about woodworking. What’s he really know anyway? Well, turns out he is Todd Clippinger from AmericanCraftsmanWorkshop. And he knew exactly what he was talking about. Since that first video I’ve followed all of Todd’s projects and videos on YouTube and Instagram. In fact, I was very excited about some online courses Todd was working on so I could up my woodworking skills. Well, as life happens, things change and Todd decided to go work full time for a local company. He definitely plans on making videos again and even doing the online school thing, but is doing what it takes at the moment. Todd and I talk about his job, his business and more on this episode, number 059, so I hope you enjoy hearing from one of the countries top furniture makers.

Please be sure to check out Todd’s YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram. You can always see some of his beautiful work on his website.

Mentioned on this weeks episode: Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast, Drew Short

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