TGWP Episode 060: Kevin O’Connor- This Old House- Ask This Old House

Growing up I was always intrigued by how things worked and how they were built. I would do typical kid things like fix up my bike or build a club house with stuff from around the neighborhood. I definitely stayed busy making and building whatever I could. Then one day, many years after we got our first TV, I remember seeing a commercial for This Old House and New Yankee Workshop. Little did I know then it would be the catalyst for my later desires and dreams. I’m without a doubt a TOH fanboy! Every time I see an episode it just fires me up and I want to build something or tear down a wall. Maybe even spruce up a room. Whatever it is, I get fired up for sure.

When I first started thinking about this podcast, there were certain names I put on a list. People I wasn’t sure I’d ever get, but they are on the list for sure. One of those people is the current host of This Old House and Ask This Old House, Kevin O’Connor. I reached out to Kevin a few months back. Knowing the insane schedule he keeps, I was optimistic at best for a response. It wasn’t that I thought he was too good for the podcast, it was the fact that if you’ve ever seen either show or follow him on social media, you’d know what I mean. Kevin travels quit a bit and filming schedules are pretty crazy. Then on top of that he’s a husband and father. Fast forward a few weeks and I get a reply from Kevin letting me know he’d be happy to chat. After some back and forth scheduling, we nailed down a date to record episode 060. I was like a kid in a candy store! I literately could have talked to Kevin for hours. He’s a humble and genuine guy just making a living doing something he loves surrounded by some of the best talent in the industry.

Kevin will quickly let you know who the “real” talent is on TOH and ATOH, but as far as I’m concerned, Kevin does a fine job holding his own among a few legends in what I consider the original reality TV series.

Be sure to check Kevin out on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to check your local PBS station for times to see This Old House and Ask This Old House.


Mentioned on today’s episode: Jimmy DiResta, Kyle Stumpenhorst, Beach and Barn Apparel, Ben Uyeda, Sweenor Builders, Pure Living for Life


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